So what’s it like
having me around?


I do more than just wield a camera.

Right from your first email I am all about helping you with your planning whether it’s your wedding or a portrait session. I want to know all the things!!!
But I also want to share with you all I know!
Need family photo outfit recommendations? I have ALL sorts of ideas.
Need vendor recommendations?! I have an amazing list of folks I have worked with.
Need help choosing wedding colors? Yep, I got you.
Need a general idea of how this crazy day goes?! Oooooh lemme tell you!!

get ready to laugh your ass off.

For serious! Getting your true emotions in your photos is my end game. Here’s my gummy smile and “double chin” as an example of how much fun I want us all to have! Sure I can be a boss when I need to be but I’d rather you remember how much fun you had then how many pictures I made you take.



all of the ninja skills!

I actually want you to forget you hired me throughout your wedding day.

Not even kidding.

While I still want to get those true, snotty nose inducing, images I want you not even realize I did it. BOOM!

stop worrying about your face!

The #1 question I get whether it be a portrait session or a wedding is: “Will you tell me what to do with my hands/face/body?!” Damn rights I will!! Right down to the position of your pinky finger and your little toe. BUT don’t think this is some Elementary School picture day, nay NAY! It’s all about finessing those romantical yet fun vibes you loved so much when you first saw my work. ;)



It’s always about the details!

Literally always.

Right down the the cuff links, rented or not, that stuff is going to be captured. Why? Because it’s all the little pieces that make the big picture. You spent SO MUCH TIME planning all of those little details just for them to be forgotten?!

Not on my watch people.