Hey you made it!!

I am SO excited to see you here!! This means you actually want to know more about me. Well guess what?! I want to know more about YOU! Those that know me know I am more than just a person who shows up and takes pictures. So come on over, pour your favorite beverage, and let’s get started!

So who am I? I’m a singer turned photographer who loves her husband, her dogs, hugs and wine! And exclamation points…and gifs….and smiley faces. :D

What’s my style? Well I find myself saying “Don’t look at me!!” a lot. So seriously, don’t look at me. As you peruse the site you’ll see most of my people are having WAY too much fun to even notice I’m there. And that’s the way I like it!

“I had the time of my life!!” is what you should be saying when you see your photos for the first time. And if we break out in song and dance while reminiscing, even better! (someone cue Patrick Swazye) I am SO ready to capture you in ways you haven’t seen while staying true to my timeless and natural feel. From start to finish, I am the type of photographer who cares just as much about your photographic history as you do. So what are you waiting for?! Get in touch and let’s plan your wedding, you next family session, or maybe some head shots? Whatever you need, I’m here. :)

~ Chantelle